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Simple and elegant describes this product best, it has, four level of indication for water in tank and one indication for water running in line.
Visual Indications :  Three sump levels, Four over head tank indication. Flow, motor on, dry run, power on with Inbuilt voltage controller.

Features: The water level controller can switch on or switch off the pump, to maintain the pre defined water level at the storage tanks.

Low AC Voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of electrodes in water. These special stainless steel plastic molded conductive electrodes are Long life sensors and do not require frequent cleaning or replacement.

Its has the following unique feature:
1) When tank is in reserve mode or empty it automatically starts the motors if water is present in the pipeline.
2) If water is present in the line it indicates the presence on the unit(Flow Indicator).
3) It indicates water levels reaching in tank, which is helpful if there are open taps, blockage, leakage or damage in the pipeline connected to the upper head, ground or the desired storage tank.
4) It green colored 4 level indications (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) of water in tank as well as 3 level indications (foot valve level, half  and full ) of sump tank.
5) On motor symbol green colored indication for motor ON & red colored indication for dry run of motor.
6) Has rocker switch to select Auto/manual operation.
7) Has soft touch ‘NEED’ button to switch ON the motor irrespective of any level in the overhead tank


  • mono block pumps (sump motors)

System is suitable only for single phase pump sets of maximum 1 H. P. ratings. 

This Water level controllers Indicator is highly recommended for metro cities or areas where drinking water is supplied through pipelines which are further distributed in homes, hotels, societies etc.

At large our systems not only help you but your neighbors and society also as it reduces the wastage of water by cutting down any further overflow than what you need..


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