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Product Description

The Sri Digitek™ water level controller ULDX-01 is a high performance system, built compactly to provide advanced features like clear liquid level display, auto / manual  MODE  selection soft switches, in-built low and high voltage cut-off, surge protection, dry run protection and easy operation. The water level controller can switch on or switch off the pump, to maintain the pre defined water level at the storage tanks. Sri Digitek™ Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01 can control motors up to 2 Hp capacity directly (with- out starter).


High reliability and Low maintenance.
Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01 can be used for a long time, no maintenance or repairing would be Required during its operational period.
Low AC Voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of electrodes in water. These special stainless steel plastic molded conductive electrodes are Long life sensors and do not require frequent cleaning or replacement.
Overflow prevention system provides effective and reliable Water level monitoring, with Level Indicators.

Visual Indications : Four stage water level indicator for over head tank, three stage water level indicator for the sump, water flow indication, voltage level indication, power on indication and auto/manual indication.

How It Works : Automatically starts the motor when the water level in the over head tank drops below a pre-defined level (normally 50%) and switches off the motor at tank full or the sump water level drops below foot valve level.

Dry Run
Due to faulty foot valve or air leakage in the pipe if the motor runs dry then it gets switched off automatically and gives fault indication. For more details please watch video demo.  

Voltage Cut-off
Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01 automatically switches-off the pump if the supply voltage drops below 160V or Crosses 250V.

Surge protection

Built in surge protection is the Main featurese of ultradeluxe series.

Soft Switch auto / Manual
Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01  comes with this feature of selecting manual/auto mode as per the requirement by just pressing the respective soft switch.
Manual mode is used to Draw the water directly from the pump for activities like car wash, front area wash, tank cleaning, watering the plants Etc….

The Optional Need soft switch is provided to Switch on the motor irrespective of the water level in over head tank.

Rocker Bypass Switch.

The optional rocker switch is provided to bypass system operation in case of system failure. so no need to disconnect the system when it gets failed.

Power ON/OFF Switch.

Has rocker switch to select Power On/Off operation.

The Special Feature

Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01 shifts from Manual Mode to Auto Mode automatically if the over head tank gets filled. The system changes the mode automatically.

In Ultra deluxe series varients are avilable for any type of pump, bore well and any combination of tanks.

Application: The product is suitable for almost all site conditions water tank for   maintaining level automatically, can be used to control water inflow or outflow, by means of direct pump control or acting as a control switch of a magnetic or combination stater.

Sutable for

  • mono block pump (sump motor)
  • sump submersible pumps.
  • Jet Pumps, etc...

This Water level controllers Indicator is highly recommended for metro cities or areas where drinking water is supplied through pipelines which are further distributed in homes, hotels, societies etc.
At large our systems not only help you but your neighbors and society, also as it reduces the wastage of water by cutting down any further overflow than what you need.


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